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Science of Investing

Investing as a Science

Forget the fancy forecasting and emotional reactions that typify most investors’ trading activities. At Hausman Advisors, we take a different view on what confident investing looks like.

Having come from a scientific background ourselves, we believe strongly in the value that minding the evidence brings to the investment process. While even science cannot guarantee success, we feel it affords you the best opportunity to build wealth according to your personal goals, with the least risk-related stress involved.

That’s why we and a select group of BAM ALLIANCE colleagues across the country adhere to “evidence-based” investing in helping you plan, build and manage your investment portfolio. You may also hear our approach referred to as “passive investing,” although we are far from idle in our efforts! Our strategies are based on a handful of essential tenets, guided by decades of peer-reviewed, academic inquiry into how our capital markets are expected to deliver long-term returns to patient investors:

Sound investment theory

Long-term investing has to do with “asset allocation” (because that’s where you’ll find the lion’s share of return variation action), as well as a strong emphasis on cost control and tax management (because that’s where most investors do the most damage to their results).

Sound portfolio construction

To convert theory into action, we turn to a few select fund families offering practical investment solutions designed according to these same principles. We construct the core of most of our client portfolios using low-cost, passively managed funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors, Vanguard Funds and Bridgeway Capital Management. For our fixed income investments, we also can turn to a distinct solution for building individual bond portfolios, customized to deliver income and/or portfolio stability according to your unique goals.


Sound investment management

To help you reach your personal finish line, we manage your portfolio with disciplined buying, holding and periodic rebalancing. We also meet with you regularly to answer questions, improve understanding and explore whether your underlying goals have changed. If they do, we make portfolio adjustments to reflect your revised course. Sensibly, proactively, according to your unique needs.


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