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Hausman Advisors: Decades of Leading-Edge Tradition (and Counting)

Since our founding, we have run our business on the tenet that doing what’s best and doing what’s right for our clients should always be one and the same. How has that shaped Hausman Advisors? We offer …

Objective Advice

As a Registered Investment Advisor firm led by a husband-wife team of two former scientists/technologists, we are dedicated to offering robust evidence-based advice across a full spectrum of services related to managing your personal wealth according to your highest interests.

Fee-only Advice

With our fee-only pricing structure, we accept no (zero) commissions, fees or any other form of compensation from outside sources. The sound advice we offer you, our client, is our sole source of compensation.

Fiduciary Advice

We are obligated by law to serve in a fiduciary relationship with our clients, which means we must strictly serve your highest financial interests – even ahead of our own. This stands in stark contrast to the typical broker/dealer or investment banker models. There, so long as a product is “suitable,” they can recommend it over another, lower-cost product if it affords them better compensation. If you ask us, “suitable but costlier” doesn’t cut it for our clients.

Independent Advice

While you grant us Limited Power of Attorney to oversee most of the logistics and paperwork related to portfolio set-up and ongoing management, your assets are held independently in your name at a separate custodian who reports directly to you (typically Schwab Institutional). That way, you retain full control over your assets.

Local Advice

With offices in Portland and Hood River, we are available to serve individuals and families – close to home, wherever you’re at. Our business roots go back to 2005, when Jason A. Smith, CFP® started his Hood River/Portland-based financial advising business. He subsequently merged his early practice with Robert Hausman, assuming management control of the combined firm: Hausman Advisors.


Hood River Office

202 Oak Street
Suite 600
Hood River, OR 97031
(503) 922-3010

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Portland Office

10260 SW Greenburg Road
Suite 400
Portland, OR 97223
(503) 922-3010

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